When the Campaign Ends (And Work Begins)

14 May

It’s finally here. After weeks of promises, debates and yard sign battles, today the politicians seeking election or re-election in the city of Dallas can finally put a sock in it.

And actually get to work.

The disillusionment spans from the way campaigning works in the city. Each politician recruits a team of workers that search the city or district in question and begs citizens to take signs as advertisement.

I’ve got to hand to them. That method seems to work.  In my neighborhood, one candidate’s omnipresence suggests a voter base that’s disquiets me. Especially since I voted for the other guy. 

Apparently empty lots and abandoned houses are the most supportive voters of all. Nearly every eyesore lot in my area proudly proclaimed the endorsement of some candidate. Like flags, the sign claimed the empty territories encircled by mounds of trash like prized land. I guess every vote counts.

Perhaps the tactic would seem less desperate  if the candidate and his team actually tried to tidy up the unruly plot before plopping signs before it. Who wants their name on a vacant or city-owned eyesore? What does that say about the candidate? Or better yet, what does it say about his/her inability to convince enough occupied homes/business/plots to take a sign?Perhaps if they took the time to pick up the litter abounding the plot before proudly sticking the name of someone who brags about making the city a better place, the words will be taken more seriously. 

 Actions speak much louder than words.


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