Motivational Candy

12 May

The canceled meeting was a sign from the heavens for me to go home and get some rest.

After battling a sore throat for the last couple of days, no meeting and the promise of rain posed the perfect time for recovery. Before hibernating, I stopped by the store to grab some essentials: packets of ramen noodles, a bottle of honey and a bag of Halls.


As soon I left the checkout line, I started popping cough drops, in hope of a little relief.  But as I reached to trash their vacant wrappers, something caught my eye: Between the gold-imprinted Halls, bold black ink offered the phrases, “Seize the day,” “Get through it,” and “Impress yourself today.” I laughed. Encouraging words from a cough drop? I opened a few more, curious to see what other challenges the candy offered.

“Be unstoppable.”


“Let’s hear your battle cry.”


“You can do it and you know it.”


“The show must go on. Or work.”


“Put your game face on.”


The list goes on and on.


The tiny power packed sentences mocked my silly sore throat as I envisioned a bunch of tiny coaches screaming in my ears, challenging me to push through this and conquer.


Halls takes their slogan, “A pep talk in every drop,” very seriously. And I like it. They’ve coupled the power of their medicated drops with the power of psychology.

Those seeking pity probably should try another brand.



One Response to “Motivational Candy”

  1. Gamesxts May 20, 2011 at 4:27 am #

    cute! thank you.

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