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Corporate Hair

22 May

I strained to catch the recruiter’s words as he rattled off the list of do’s and don’ts for the interview.  White or pastel button-downs only: No loud colors. Suits must be black, gray or navy.  Pinstripes were banned.  For women, absolutely no pantsuits, he continued. Skirts only. Apparently, in Texas, women in pantsuits aren’t taking seriously. He followed with mandates regarding hair: Absolutely no braids or twists, he bellowed, as he surveyed the room.  Continue reading


Kitchen Escapades

18 May

Dip. Roll. Shake. Drop. Flip. And Repeat. This was the dance of the shrimp last night as I coated each little critter and fried it to a golden crisp. Cooking has never been my thing. Rerun childhood episodes of  teachers sneering, “What’s cooking, Cook?” will do that to you. (Eyeroll.) Cooks certainly isn’t the world’s worst last name, but it does come with high expectations.

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Selling God

15 May

1. A crisp twenty dollar  bill  was nestled inside the pages of my library book. Just as thanks of praise to the heavens left my lips, I paused. Something wasn’t right. Once I unfolded the gift, I saw that it was 3/4ths the size of the typical Jackson.

I flipped the money on its back for further examination.

“Disappointed?” it read, “Jesus won’t let you down.” Then the counterfeit bill reassured me that God would give us the things money can’t buy.

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When the Campaign Ends (And Work Begins)

14 May

It’s finally here. After weeks of promises, debates and yard sign battles, today the politicians seeking election or re-election in the city of Dallas can finally put a sock in it.

And actually get to work.

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More Than a Pretty Picture

14 May

 Drafty galleries laced with crimson ropes and looming attendants lend art an intimidating sense of censor: Like bouncers in a club, the militant men and women in blazers cast icy stares towards those tottering too close to the pretty pictures. 

Is this the way it’s supposed to be? Paintings shielded from onlookers, who are forced tread lightly and speak in whispers to avoid awakening slumbering portraits?

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Motivational Candy

12 May

The canceled meeting was a sign from the heavens for me to go home and get some rest.

After battling a sore throat for the last couple of days, no meeting and the promise of rain posed the perfect time for recovery. Before hibernating, I stopped by the store to grab some essentials: packets of ramen noodles, a bottle of honey and a bag of Halls.

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