Dating Now-and-Laters

30 Apr

“A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest.”

This quote from some forgotten film haunted me as I resolved to end yet another romance.

It happens over and over again. Shonda meets X. X likes Shonda. And then things get complicated. I guess it’s my business genes, but I hate the thought of investing time and energy into someone that I simply can’t imagine growing up and old with.

My phone is full of men of all types, of varying interests, who each, in his respective way, offered me happiness.  Whether white collar or blue, my age or older,  church boys or thugs, artsy or classically corporate, I’ve tried them all.

I’ve had fun. I’ve  fallen in love a few times. But at the end of the day, I always knew the relationship would never result in marriage.

And isn’t that the point of it all? To end up with some ring on a finger. Some token of security and (I hate to say it) accomplishment?

It hasn’t bothered me much.  Right now, I’m perfectly content chasing my dreams, throwing my heart and soul into my passions and kicking it with friends from time to time.

Right now, I need very little from a relationship. Call every now and then, text the occasional sweet nothing and see me once a week and I’m good. 

My only fear is that one day I’ll wake up 40 years old without the husband and kids that every little girl subconciously feels she must have.

Thus, I resolved to put an end to meaningless romance in pursuit of something more practical. Gone were the frivolity of first dates with interesting prospects. Instead, only those who embodied stability, stealth and safety were courted.   This the metaphorical ruler that I’ve resigned to hold up to every future suitor.

But am I to go around like Prince Charming–thrusting a shoe on  every prospect’s foot before the first  date? 

Cin was dust-ridden and coal-covered when the Prince found her. Shouldn’t I peer beneath surface grime and grit of someone with potential?

I think I need manual for this whole dating thing.  Disney simply isn’t a reliable source.


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