Catching Wedding Fever

29 Apr

Involuntarily squeals rang from my throat when I realized I had not missed it. Propelled from my bed at 5:30 a.m. by the hum of choir boys on the kitchen TV, my sleepy eyes widened to capture Kate and William in all their splendor.

The royal folk looked on with stony stares as the masses beyond the Westminster Abbey loudly cheered and celebrated the young couple’s union.

Across the sea, in the heart of Texas, locals also joined in on the excitement. Brits now residing in Dallas set up fold-up chairs in the parking lot of the British Emporium to watch the occasion. 75 people, mostly non-British, flocked to a Fort Worth restaurant in the wee hours of the morning, sporting extravagant hats and tiaras to join in on the fun.

The kiss seen round the world incited gasps, tears and brought to life fairy tales of old that little girls from across the world have dreamt about for years as a commoner captured the heart and hand of a prince.  Approximately 2.6 billion people, a quarter of the world’s population tuned in to see Cate’s mystery Alexander McQueen dress and catch glimpses of the royal ceremony in what many call “the superbowl for women.” 72 cameras were strategically placed throughout the Westminster Abbey to produce the church’s first high-definition broadcast.

Despite my protests and surface nonchalance the days preceding the ceremony, I must admit I couldn’t help catching a bit of the infectious fascination with the Royal Wedding.

Why do so many people care? The oohing and ahhing over the dress, the kiss and the wedding itself, speaks to the closet Cinderella yearning for her long-lost prince in us all.

Best wishes to the Duke and Duchess.


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