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Dating Now-and-Laters

30 Apr

“A fish and a bird can fall in love, but where will they build their nest.”

This quote from some forgotten film haunted me as I resolved to end yet another romance.

It happens over and over again. Shonda meets X. X likes Shonda. And then things get complicated. I guess it’s my business genes, but I hate the thought of investing time and energy into someone that I simply can’t imagine growing up and old with.

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Catching Wedding Fever

29 Apr

Involuntarily squeals rang from my throat when I realized I had not missed it. Propelled from my bed at 5:30 a.m. by the hum of choir boys on the kitchen TV, my sleepy eyes widened to capture Kate and William in all their splendor. Continue reading

The Lone Response

26 Apr

Annoying city and state representatives is not my idea of fun.

So when I write a letter to Austin, you know the legislative landscape must be on the cusp of diaster.

Here’s a quick recap: Texas has a $27 billion dollar deficit. Legislators are looking for ways to cut spending. Education and social services, including all public libraries, are lying on the cutting blocks.

I emailed the letter linked here to five people, the state governor, the infamous Rick Perry, his lieutenant governor, David Dewhurst, House Speaker Joe Straus,  State Representative Barbara Caraway and Senator Royce West. Continue reading

Ode to Self

8 Apr

Looking in the mirror
The face staring
Back at me,
Asking, “Am I beautiful?”
“Do you love me?”
At first, I dodge the pleading stare
Preferring instead
To allow another
More capable to respond
Day after day
It continues
–a cruel game of love unrequited—
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On Seeing South Dallas For the First Time

8 Apr

Dilapidated  houses.  Drugs.  Violence.  Despair.  These things come to mind with mention of Dallas’ most notorious section of the city.

So, when my date said that South Dallas was the location of our  destination, I was less than thrilled. Continue reading

NOW Hear this. . .Texas Legislators,

6 Apr

“The easiest way to give up your power is to believe you don’t have any.”

I reflected on these words as news of the House’s skeletal budget grazed my ears Monday morning.

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5 Apr

Veiled by a curtain of clouds

Which part not a moment before or after,

But at the exact moment

the crowd roars  for her presence.

Until then,

She fidgets on the stage

Ensuring her brilliance is intact,

Crown of golden rays perfectly aligned?


Billowing blond locks falling exactly right?


Canary yellow dress draping ever so snugly around bosom, waist and butt?


She refuses to be rushed Continue reading