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Cakes and Caskets

24 Mar

Amidst fluttering paper fans and strumming organ chords, I couldn’t help but notice the absence of green in the sanctuary’s St. Patrick’s Day crowd. Continue reading


The Importance of Losing

6 Mar

Cold eyes and pouted lips reigned at the high school fashion show as a sea of amateur models pranced before family, friends and judges. The objective? Steal the judges’ attention long enough to be voted the school’s top model.

Continue reading

“All Art IS Advertising”

2 Mar

“Interesting. . .” I muttered aloud as I step back from the giant paint-splatter canvas to get a better view.  Twisting my head this way and that, I fruitlessly try to draw meaning from the abstract piece–as though viewing it from a certain angle will make the real message of the painting magically appear. Continue reading