Archive | January, 2011

Theatre for Theater

25 Jan

A world lies between the words theater and theatre: the positioning of that impudent little ‘r’ means the difference between a night buried between buckets of buttery popcorn and an evening spent cradling a bottle of fine wine.

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Dearest Sallie Mae,

18 Jan

Is education a right or privilege?

This question was raised months ago on my friend’s TOEFL practice test.

Then, I didn’t know the answer.

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Ode to the “Cardboard Citizen”

12 Jan

“I said ‘Hi,’ but you didn’t hear me,” a voice uttered from the seat behind, the words barely audible above the roar of the train.

I glanced back, curious to see their owner.

A pair of dull eyes stared back at me knowingly: I knew him.

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