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“What’s in a name. . .”

22 Dec

. . .That which we call a rose, by any other name, would smell as sweet,” the young girl cast as Juliet bellowed from the crest of her makeshift castle. Under the twinkling stars of the Dallas summer sky hovering above the amphitheater, Shakespeare’s words resounded in timeless beauty and grace.

But were they true?

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Pearl Harbor Baby

7 Dec

Happy birthday to meeeee!  Today, December 7th, I celebrate 23 years of crazy, beautiful life.

A date when I’ll pop champagne, eat cake and have the whole world  at my feet.

Ok, so, realistically, most of today will be spent working with clients who could care less.

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Case of the Mis-Matched Brow

3 Dec

Raised voices alerted me to the throng of workers encircled about. I opened my eyes to find them peering intently back at me–their concern-flooded-faces plainly stating what their foreign words wouldn’t: Something was wrong. I creased and wrinkled the objects of their fascination, visibly discomforted by all of the unwanted attention.

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