Wade Gets Pinked: Why Jones Had to Act Now

9 Nov

Now that the Rangers are no longer available to distract us, Jones had to do something to salvage the legacy of America’s team.

Though Jones can’t force the Cowboys to win, he had to punish someone for their inability or refusal to do so. That someone was Wade.  As its coach, he was the black sheep, the first to go down. Though it wasn’t he that dropped balls, threw incomplete passes and strolled listlessly about the field, he was responsible for inspiring them—bring out their A-game.  For rewarding those that played well with more air-time and benching the bums. Time after time, he simply seemed unable to do it.

Wade’s pink slip is symbolic.  It’s Jerry saying two things: Jones will no longer tolerate blatant failure. And that he’s not afraid to send anyone to the chopping block. Call it an incentive for the team to play well despite their bleak status.  And incentive for the coaches to coerce the players to play half-decently.  Instead of rallying around the long-gone hopes of the Superbowl, which will humilatingly be held in the Cowboys’ court, the games  are now to determine who stays and who goes.   It’s now a tournament of survival of the fittest.

“[T]he evaluation process would begin with finding the guys that play the hardest. . .”Winning games and winning players will be the criteria from which we move forward. . .” he stated, according to the Dallas Cowboys Blog.

May the best men remain.



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