Sustaining Buzz

3 Nov

Michael Jackson’s scarecrow rendition of “You Can’t Win” echoed through my mind today as my thoughts fell on the Ranger’s World Series’ loss.  The song is the evil mantra that keeps knocking Texas teams a hair shy of glory.

And now all of the people who eagerly shed the blue and white star for a pair of claws and antlers have the question of what’s next lingering in their minds. The Ranger franchise, after tasting the glory of national spotlight and watching a sea of red and blue merchandise sweep the city, must figure out how to keep fans interested. And invested.

This season, they benefited from a sordid Cowboys season. Lots of the people sporting Rangers gear and chatting about the game confessed they had never been interested in baseball before. Dallas doesn’t have the game’s legacy entrenched into its culture like Boston or New York or Chicago. We bleed blue and silver. And football programmed into our brains.

But a few years ago, when the Mavericks gave the city another chance at sports glory, everybody jumped aboard. To no avail.

Now, once again the Rangers gave fans the glimmer of hope, once more denied.

Looking forward, how do the most likely Cliff Lee-less, Rangers get people excited about next year’s season? Many will be watching to see what the team does next go-around so next season can be hyped off of that. But how does Dallas build baseball into its seams?

To do that, the Rangers can’t wait until next season rolls around. They have to begin now. In the off-season, the team and its front office must work to tap into the momentum. They must work to develop the personalities of the players into crowd favorites with distinguishable traits. As the team rests up, the front office must work to make attending the Texas Rangers ballgame a must-have experience for Texans and visitors alike.

And those who deem the tickets and location of the games a bit beyond reach, the team cannot forsake. Sports is a unifier. I witnessed Rangers and shirts in the ‘hoods of Dallas the same as I did in its Uptowns. For these fans, viewing a game in Victory Park in Downtown Dallas for free or in a partnering sport bar must become the norm. This season, missing a game meant social woe. The team must work to keep the Rangers the talk of the town.

Develop specialty drinks like a Rangerini or an Antler Claw to serve at such events.

Have a Rangers van ride around the Dallas metroplex offering tickets, Rangers gear and of course, those famous claws and antlers.

By the way, where did the claw and antler come from? A manager asked my coworkers and I this question a week ago, and none of us could answer. “Don’t Rangers shoot things with claws and antlers,” she mused.

Here’s the story according to Bleacher Report.  Read it!

I suggest a commercial that pairs the movies from Jars with the incoming claws and antlers and ends “They’re Back!!!!!” Seriously. Simple. Effective. Priceless.

Until next time.


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