A Bottle of WHAT?!?

28 Oct

Oh, the wonders of the internet.  While publicizing an event on the site of Dallas’ largest news station, my eye fell on a link talking about a new energy drink with a rather. . .unusual name.

Intrigued, I clicked the link—featuring an image of the drink’s name Photoshopped-out: The article said that the name could not be displayed or stated by the news station and simply offered a link to the company’s website.

Sum Poosie Cat Energy Drink.  That’s the name that the website of one of the largest television stations in Dallas refused to print.


The idea behind the drink is sensible.  The founders sought to make an energy drink that taste better than Redbull, looked better than RedBull and mixed with liquor better than Redbull.

The result?  A berry-flavored energy drink.  Packaged in a hot pink bottle or metallic can.  More often than not, featuring bikini-clad women.  Named Sum Poosie.

(Scratches head)

Does anybody else think this company is having an identity-crisis?

Well, the name and packaging will certainly grab media and customer attention.

But who exactly are they targeting?  One site seems to think 14-year-old boys that will giggle over the title and oogle at the pictures are the primary target.  According to the company, women are the primary drinkers.

Uh, yea. . .only the boldest man would even have the audacity to order the drink.  Try asking for “Sum Poosie” with swagger.

My suggestion.  Get rid of the bikini babes.  Make the silver “Sum Poosie Cat” design usable for the large bottle.  That way women looking to bring out their inner cat can enjoy the drink without guilt.  Or shame.

Because as controversial as the media deems the name, it really isn’t that bad.  Ever heard of the wine “B****?” Women buy it in droves.  They give it to their friends.  Despite reason, the title is not at all alienating.  But check out the packaging.  It’s pretty and pink.  And doesn’t feature half-naked women.

Sum Poosie Cat could operate within a similar niche—one where guilty pleasures and risqué names make a good product that much more interesting.  And desirable.

Because right now, the drink is simply. . .awkward.

Until next time.


2 Responses to “A Bottle of WHAT?!?”

  1. Arius November 29, 2011 at 2:20 pm #

    It never ceases to amaze me how powerful sexuality is for the advertising industry; however, should I be…I mean, we are mammals right?

    Good read 😉


    • lcooksmarketer1 November 29, 2011 at 8:44 pm #

      LOL. Sex sells. Point blank. My question is still what exactly is Sum Poosie selling and who is it selling it to? Men? Sum Poosie for men? women? Or just the kick one gets from saying and reading the name itself? Thanks for reading!


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