Let’s Go Power Rangers

12 Oct


There are some new heroes in town.

Ummm. . .they can’t fly.  Or run faster than a speeding bullet.  Or shoot lasers from their eyes.

But they wield bats.  Wear something eerily close to tights.  And have come to save the folks of Dallas from another year of pitiable sports teams. 



With “Texas” emblazoned across their chests, the capped defenders will prove tonight whether or not they have what it takes.

It’s no easy feat.

For the citizens of Dallas have watched team after team try. . .and fail.  The fumbling Cowboys, somehow, remain the city’s favorite: But the triumph of yesteryear cannot blind us to the recent seasons of woe.

And the fickle Mavericks.  Well, they’re so unreliable.  We simply can’t trust them anymore.

The stumbling Stars simply aren’t worth mentioning.  Not yet anyway.



They’re all has-beens—teams that have had their days of glory and ones, as of late,  who’ve reduced us to years of unfulfilled promise.  The people of Dallas need someone, anyone, to believe in.  And the Rangers are only ones stepping up to the plate.


Throughout the streets, people of all colors and creeds have united behind the Red and Blue.  From the suburbs to the slums, their name and emblem can be found, freshly bought–with tags still attached, just in case.

It’s a sign of the times.  A year ago, no one would be caught dead in a Texas Ranger jersey.

But now, suddenly, everyone’s a fan.  They’re on the front page of the newspaper and headline in the evening news and all over the radio.  And I’m jumping on the bandwagon.

Oh, what a difference a month or two makes.

I remember reading in May’s Dallas Business Journal about the poor orphan Rangers, who had been abandoned by their former owners.  I watched in horror as no one stepped up to claim them: They were nearly a ward of the league.

But a few wins later and everyone’s in love.

Tonight we will all turn our eyes to the skies (or at least to the nearest television set) and to watch their fate.  Will they reclaim Texas pride by defeating the Tampa Rays?  Will they prove to be our long awaited saviors?  Or be yet another pack of losers with potential.

Only time will tell.




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