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Evian’s Identity Crisis: Throwing Pearls Before Babes

21 Apr

Last Friday as I sat in class watching the 2005 film Cache, I couldn’t help but notice the bottle of Evian positioned ever so comfortably on the wealthy couple’s dinner table.

It’s not that the bottle itself didn’t belong; it was quite the contrary.  Though the sleek glass bottle  blended seamlessly into the bourgeois atmosphere, its presence reminded me of “Rapper’s Delight” and rollerblading babies.

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Tears of a Tiger: Nike Takes Cues from Disney

17 Apr

By now, we’ve all seen the latest Tiger Nike ad.  But just in case you’ve been living under a rock, like me, for the past week, here it is:

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A Tax-Day Quickie

15 Apr

April 15th is the most dreaded day of the year–tax time–a time when every American must pay his or her due.  McDonalds is making the day a little easier with its Tax-Relief Promotion. 

By taking advantage of this notorious day and turning it into something positive, or at least a little less dreadful, McDonalds is innovatively driving business and reconstructing popular perception of the date.

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Redefining Classical

13 Apr

Complete the following:  ________________ is to classical music as Louis Armstrong is to jazz,

Madonna is to pop, and Tim McGraw is to country.

Having a little trouble?

You are not alone.

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Kinks Can Be Good: Ryles Jazz Club

7 Apr

After Easter service, a group of friends and I ventured over to Ryles Jazz Club in Cambridge, Massachusetts for its ever-popular first Sunday jazz brunch.

The first floor of the restaurant/club was packed with the most interesting group of people under one roof: there were families with small children, clumps of college students, and clusters of middle-age folk all enjoying the music, food, and company, within elbow-reach of one another.

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