Spotlight on Fame’s Allure

31 Mar

It’s easy to critique the marketing strategy of a national company: It has a solid image, concrete brand reputation, and a legacy from which observers can easily compare and contrast.

Analyzing the marketing strategy of a company yet developing its brand and reputation is a bit harder.

These thoughts ran through  my mind as I opened a link from a  friend for the latest viral videos from Fame’s Allure, a new men’s clothing line formed by three young entrepreneurs.

Of course, I can’t watch the ad–or any other, for that matter–without musing over the ads’ effectiveness and its relation to the positioning of the company.

Check out the links below.

Think About It Campaign Video

Think About It Campaign Video 1

Ok, so every very Tom, Dick, and Harry has a clothing line these days: How does Fame’s Allure differentiate itself from the masses?

Well, the company has selected a niche market within the men’s clothing industry.

The line targets young yet distinguished gentlemen: Its collection does not contain hoodies or t-shirts but button-downs and blazers.

The product line speaks volumes about the company’s strategy.  Through its choice of models and clothing designs, Fame’s Allure targets men who have a need and desire to stand out in a crowd.  The colors, cuts, and fabrics are certainly not for the fearful or ultraconservative.

Even the title of the company was designed to resonate with the prospective customer.  Fame’s Allure.  The name implies the company was made for those drawn to fame, success, power, and all that comes with it–those seeking a look that deems them unique and different and fame-worthy.

But why would a gentleman select this company over a more notable brand?  What is the incentive to choose this company over others of similar price and style?

The connection between a man’s clothing and his inner being seems to be the explicit differentiator.

As the sultry voiceover utters words about success, persistence, drive, etc. the gentlemen stroll across the screen.

This is very powerful.

I would love to see the company take this even notion further.

Inserting similar inspirational quotes about success and its perpetual journey in the tags of its clothing or printing such words on the wrapping paper or bags or boxes that enclose customer purchases is a fun and easy way to take this concept to the next level.

A man that seeks to “inspire the world through appearance” would value such a literal connection between clothes and spirit.


2 Responses to “Spotlight on Fame’s Allure”

  1. Robin Allen April 1, 2010 at 3:42 am #

    A very well written, insightful, in-depth look at the brand presentation of this company. This is hard-hitting journalism at its best. Brava!


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