Smile for the Whopper!

31 Mar

A story I read recently returned me to days of old, when Burger King was not associated with  a life-size creepy King, but with simply “hav[ing] it your way.”

On Creativity-Online, I  saw the accompanying video of a very interesting campaign that a Brazilian branch of the Ogilvy agency designed to take Burger King back to its roots—with a 21st century twist.

The campaign certainly proved that Burger King’s burgers are truly customizable.  And the videos of the experimental campaign have traveled virally which by many standards, deem the quirky campaign as success.

But it seems that most customers were simply freaked out by the Big Brother-esque cameras hidden in the back room.

I certainly would be.  And with paranoia, I would scan every Burger King  I entered for the rest of my life for cameras.

The video does raise a rather interesting question concerning the metrics of rafting an  experimental campaign.

Is the overall impression of the campaign more important than any short discomfort or inconvenience  a few customers may experience?

Or are we simply reducing the campaign’s effectiveness by toying with our consumers?

Is the brief discomfort of a few  customers  simply the price one must  pay for a campaign or a strategy that reaches the masses?

The answers depend on the company.   A  company renowned for craziness and flair wouldn’t summon a glance.  However, for companies associated with stable, conservative ideals, such a move would be a noted marketing blunder.

Where does Burger King fall?


2 Responses to “Smile for the Whopper!”

  1. Chris McVety April 10, 2010 at 5:31 pm #

    Have you checked out BK’s subservient chicken website? It’s great. You type in a command, and you “get chicken just the way you like it.” A complete waste of time but absolutely hilarious:


    • lcooksmarketer1 April 11, 2010 at 2:09 pm #

      Thanks Chris. I had heard of the campaign but had never actually tried it. You’re right. It IS so amusing!


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