Tide Dry Cleaners and Mr. Clean Car Washes: Dream or Nightmare?

25 Mar
Everybody knows the man with the buff arms, bald head, and left earring for his superhuman cleaning abilities.  And all recognize the trademark burnt orange and blue for its stain removing powers.


But will marketing a dry cleaner as Tide-related or a car wash as Mr. Clean-approved equate to success?

In 2008, Proctor and Gamble (P&G) decided to find out.  It turned some of its most famous brands into service opportunities.

The extension makes sense.  Tide and Mr. Clean are both reputable household names.  The market for both dry cleaners and car washes is incredibly fragmented and marked by unpredictability.

Tide is strongly associated with laundry.  Mr. Clean is tightly linked to cleaning.  Starting a national franchise company with the seal of a brand that is already recognizable and trustworthy could be a huge success.

Could the company’s quest for growth actually backfire?

Franchising is a sticky business: Even companies with the most stringent requirements often are victims of variability.  In the age of 2.0, a disgruntled customer that voices his complaints could be the downfall of the services, and could even damage the product’s reputation.

P&G thinks it’s worth the risk.  According to Advertising Age, it now has 15 Mr. Clean car washes in Cincinnati and Atlanta and ranks 22nd in the car-washing industry.  There are currently three Tide Cleaners in Kansas City, Missouri.

Only time will tell if this marriage of product and service will equal bliss. . .or disaster.


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