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Smile for the Whopper!

31 Mar

A story I read recently returned me to days of old, when Burger King was not associated with  a life-size creepy King, but with simply “hav[ing] it your way.”

On Creativity-Online, I  saw the accompanying video of a very interesting campaign that a Brazilian branch of the Ogilvy agency designed to take Burger King back to its roots—with a 21st century twist.

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Spotlight on Fame’s Allure

31 Mar

It’s easy to critique the marketing strategy of a national company: It has a solid image, concrete brand reputation, and a legacy from which observers can easily compare and contrast.

Analyzing the marketing strategy of a company yet developing its brand and reputation is a bit harder.

These thoughts ran through  my mind as I opened a link from a  friend for the latest viral videos from Fame’s Allure, a new men’s clothing line formed by three young entrepreneurs.

Of course, I can’t watch the ad–or any other, for that matter–without musing over the ads’ effectiveness and its relation to the positioning of the company. Continue reading

No Pants? Big Problem.

27 Mar

The Super Bowl is infamous for its outrageous commercials.

What’s funny is that despite all attempts by companies to be unique, year after year, commercials converge around oddly similar themes and ideas.  It’s as though companies all go to the same soothsayer, who magically predicts what idea will be most memorable in a crystal ball.  And like every self-fulfilling prophecy, the prediction comes true. Continue reading

Blockbuster Finally Fights Back

26 Mar

Blockbuster isn’t going down without a fight.  News of its exclusive deal with Warner Brothers that allows the helplessly flailing company early access to new releases may be its saving grace.  I, for one, was surprised: Like many, I was ready to deem  the company a lost cause.  Continue reading


26 Mar

Who knew LEGOs were for boys?

The products seem pretty universal.

However, think back to when you were a kid and the distinction is quite clear:  very few girls can honestly state they own a bucket of these colorful blocks.  Continue reading

Tide Dry Cleaners and Mr. Clean Car Washes: Dream or Nightmare?

25 Mar
Everybody knows the man with the buff arms, bald head, and left earring for his superhuman cleaning abilities.  And all recognize the trademark burnt orange and blue for its stain removing powers.


But will marketing a dry cleaner as Tide-related or a car wash as Mr. Clean-approved equate to success?

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Kotex: Repositioning Periods

24 Mar



Companies like Always and Kotex have been trying to convince women to think differently about them for years.  In advertisements, they show ecstatic women or introduce fantasy elements in failed attempts to segment their products from the innate “ugh” factor.

Kotex, the oldest and largest producer of feminine products, has decided it’s time for a change.

Instead of focusing on deluding women into thoughts of happiness or fantasy, the latest Kotex campaign encourages women to “get real,” challenging the underlying attitudes of disgust and shame firmly rooted in the female psyche.

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